My First Sweater Knitting Project


Beth models her Aran pullover

This was my first sweater, actually my first knitting “project” of any kind. (I’d knit swatches before with no end goal in mind other than seeing how knitting was done.) It only took about two years to finish…

I’ve always liked Aran sweaters, and wanted to make one as a surprise for Beth while she was away in the Peace Corps and I was in grad school. The Lion Brand fisherman’s wool was affordable and 100% wool (both of which were pluses in my book as I’m a fiber snob and only like to use natural fibers), and the skein wrapper included this nice looking pattern for no additional charge.

If I made this pattern again, I’d pick up maybe 4 more stitches around the collar than I did, because the collar ribbing is stretched just a little too thin in a few places. Other than that, and a few cable mistakes I made here and there, I was pretty happy with the way this turned out.

sweater_mediumIf you’ve never knitted and you’re thinking about trying it, you’ll probably wonder what to make first, and you might decide on a scarf. Well, knitting a heavily cabled sweater as your first project might try your patience. However, I recommend that unless you really from the depths of your soul want a shaggy art-yarn scarf, choose something other than a scarf. Socks, a hat, or fingerless gloves all make great first projects. They’re barely more difficult than a scarf, more impressive to your friends, and much, much  less boring than slugging through five feet of repetitive garter stitch.

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