Red Sox Socks


My first pair of socks. These were a gift for my brother-in-law last Christmas. I used the well-written instructions from “Silver’s Sock Class” online for making toe-up socks. These were made on US #4 bamboo double points, one of which I snapped while traveling with the socks. Lesson: Don’t attempt to try on socks when they are still on double pointed needles.  Fortunately socks can be knit on four needles as well as on five. More than half of the knitting happened at last year’s American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics meeting in Dallas, and the flights to and from the meeting. I’m just getting ready to attend this year’s meeting. I should start some new socks. Sweaters are too complicated to knit during a physics meeting.


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2 Comments on “Red Sox Socks”

  1. Allison Says:

    do the airlines let you bring knitting needles on board? i’m surprised.

    • bpatricksullivan Says:

      TSA does allow knitting needles regardless of material. I usually carry circular needles while traveling because they seem more innocuous in addition to being all-around superior to straight needles. According to their website, TSA also allow corkscrews as long as they don’t contain knives, (i.e. cheapo corkscrews) , and nail clippers as long as they do not contain knives either. Nail files attached to nail clippers are surprisingly allowed, too.
      The only time I had needles confiscated was in Australia. Surprisingly I’d already had 3 Australian flights with no problem, but on my flight back to the US they took my circular needle, leaving me with no knitting for a 20 hour flight. I was pissed.

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