Morris Dancing


I recently rediscovered this video that I took a few years ago, and thought I’d share it. Here Matt, Ralph, Bob, and Ted perform a morris dance at Ciderfest 2008. Morris is an ancient English folk dance.

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5 Comments on “Morris Dancing”

  1. Jim M Says:

    Neat. A Bampton dance I haven’t seen before.

  2. Allison Says:

    the weird part is what is with that ladder? i swear there are people climbing up and down a ladder right next to you. where was this video taken?

  3. Scott Says:

    is one of them calling out maneuvers so that everyone knows what to do, or is the whole 3 minutes choreographed?

  4. bpatricksullivan Says:

    No one is calling the maneuvers. I believe that in morris dance they all know the steps in advance. Usually one person plays the fiddle like here, or a concertina or button accordion to maintain the rhythm.

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