Rumplestiltsken is my name!

Okay, so I’m not spinning straw into gold yet, but we got our very own wheel. So, I can practice every day, which means it’s probably only a matter of time…

Leslie told us that she was selling one of the 11 wheels in the Spinner’s Loft, for someone who’d brought it to her and wanted to get rid of it. Part of the reason we wanted to take the spinning workshop was that Beth and I were thinking of getting a wheel and we wanted to make sure we liked spinning on a wheel, knew how to use one, and had some idea how they worked mechanically before investing in one of our own.

We liked this one well enough after practicing on it for a while, and it was definitely a better value than many of the new wheels that we would otherwise be considering. So we got it. Ta da!

Beth takes the wheel for a spin in its new home:

The wheel is a Nilus LeClerc, and is at least 30 years old because LeClerc, which is based in Quebec has not made wheels in about that long. Now they only make looms. We really need a spinning stool rather than a rocking chair to sit on while spinning, but the rocker will work for now.

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3 Comments on “Rumplestiltsken is my name!”

  1. Scott Says:

    That settles it: Party at Brian and Bethany’s when the zombie/robot/Dollhouse-pocalypse comes!

  2. Kimberly Says:

    I’m just coming across this post now but I was wondering what kind of drive band you are using on your Leclerc. I recently came into ownership of one and it has no drive band so I’m trying to figure out what would be best for replacement. Thanks!

    • bpatricksullivan Says:

      Our drive band is cotton cord, it looks kind of like a fairly smooth butcher’s twine to me, tied into a loop with a square not. We use ours in double drive mode (which I prefer, but basically just because I’m used to it), although our wheel has a knob that could be used to set up a single drive with Scotch tension.

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