My very own bowling shoes!

Beth and I have been bowling with friends once a week for about five or six weeks now. I’ve been saying since maybe the second week that we should really buy our own bowling shoes.  I figured it should only take a few months for the shoes to start saving us money, and even if we started bowling less frequently, my feet are no longer growing, and I’ll definitely bowl enough to justify the investment over the rest of my life (unless I get hit by a car or a stray airborne bowling ball or something like that).

Tonight we went a little early and I stopped into the pro shop at the Dover Bowl. They were really nice and helpful in there. Many bowling shoes are pretty inexpensive. Beth found a pair of last year’s model that were only $25. Sadly, they were just a little to big. But I found the above specimens, which were $40. These were the second pair I tried on. The first pair were the same price and just about equally comfortable, but looked like retirement sneakers or scientist shoes.  Now, now, I know that I am a scientist. But I do not wear scientist shoes, and I never will. I shudder at the thought.

At $3/week for shoe rental, it’ll only take 13 more bowling sessions (or three months) for these bad boys to pay for themselves and start saving us money. Additionally, they are way more comfortable, and glide considerably better than the rental shoes. Now I’ll just have to start bowling well enough to be “that guy” who has his own bowling shoes.

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3 Comments on “My very own bowling shoes!”

  1. susan Says:

    Ah, but have you bought your wife a birthday gift of a personalized bowling ball with your name etched onto it (a la Homer Simpson)? I hope not 🙂

  2. bpatricksullivan Says:

    Haha! No. Beth’s birthday is not until September, and I know full well that she has no interest in getting her own ball. She’d appreciate a niddy noddy, a lazy kate, or a drum carder much much more.

  3. kingshearte Says:

    As bowling shoes go, those are pretty darn stylin’. You could almost wear them as normal shoes, if not for the fact that it would wreck the soles. Great find, though. Enjoy.

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