Cabled Coozie

I just racked a batch of amber ale last week, and pitched yeast on five gallons of peach cider this week. All this home brewing inspired me when I was trying to decide on something quick to knit. This knit beer coozie fit the bill perfectly. I think most knitters could finish one of these while watching a longish movie. I might make a six pack of these in different colors. They can be like those wine glass markers, but these will also keep drinks cold.

I have to say, I had always thought that cozies of all sorts were stupid, and that I would never knit one. Why would I want a fitted, knitted covering for my tea pot or my toaster? Well, I still think toaster cozies are an utterly stupid waste of time and fiber, and possibly also a potential fire hazard, but we drink a lot of tea, and a tea cozy really does keep the pot of tea hot for a much longer time. Keeping beer cold is at least as noble a pursuit as keeping tea hot. Additionally, the word “coozie”, is infinitely funnier and more tacky sounding than the lame word, “cozy.”

Hopefully I’ll get a couple thermometers and see exactly how much longer a beer stays cold inside a cabled, merino wool beer coozie. If so, I’ll definitely post the results. Maybe I’ll compare with a standard foam coozie as well.

The pattern is King’s Cozy by Karrie Weaver. The yarn is some worsted weight Paton’s Classic Merino, leftover from my “Ben” sweater, which is also similarly cabled and therefore matches the coozie too well for the two to ever be seen together.

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3 Comments on “Cabled Coozie”

  1. kingshearte Says:

    I think somehow that it’s only just hit me now that “coozie” is presumably a melding of “cool” and “cozy.” I can’t imagine how I failed to pick up on that way sooner in life.

    I definitely agree with you, though. Toaster cozies = stupid, but tea cozies are definitely useful.

  2. Susan Says:

    Plus it rhymes with “boozie” and if you ask me, the best beer is the boozy kind!

  3. Ethan Says:

    This experiment has great merit. I think you should also compare the coozie’s performance with beer to various other liquids like soda and water. I would also recommend performing the experiment both with the drink in hand and just sitting on the table. I hypothesize that the benefit of the coozie will be much more apparent if you are holding the drink in your hand.

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