Handspun Horseshoe Cap

This quarter’s issue of Spin-off magazine featured many readers’ realizations of the Horseshoe Cap by Janet Wray, the pattern for which was featured in a 2009 issue, and is available for free on the Spin-off website. I thought I’d try making one with my latest hand spun. I started with this 80/20 Corriedale/Tencel pin drafted roving that I got from Fibers-4-Ewe at the SPA Knit-and-Spin:

Here is one skein of the yarn I ended up with:

I think the Tencel makes the yarn much shinier than 100% wool would be. It was pretty nice to work with. Pin drafted roving is very easy to spin compared to my hand-carded, gnarly Romney rolags. Here is the finished hat:

This was my first foray into anything approaching “lacey” knitting, meaning the first pattern I’ve worked that had any yarn-overs at all. It’s pretty fun. I’d say I’m still a cable man first and foremost, but lace is interesting, too. I can make up cables and know how they will look without writing anything down, but I think it would take a lot of practice to create any lace designs without making a chart. The holes in this pattern would show up more clearly in a smoother, less fuzzy yarn, but I think it looks alright.

The singles spinning took maybe two evenings. I did all the plying while watching an episode of Bones on Hulu, and the hat knitting took a couple hours at the Seacoast Irish Fest, a crafty-Thursday lunch hour at work, and the first hour of my flight to Colorado–pretty quick.  I asked Beth if I looked like The Edge when I wore it, but she said, “No.”

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