Pool Party in the Garden

but only slugs are invited.

Beth and I were both gone for a week (she to counsel music theater camp in Maine, and I to go to a space physics meeting in Colorado), and unfortunately some nogoodnik slugs invited themselves to our garden. They have been eating our bean and tomato leaves. Fortunately, I have a solution in the form of my Canadian friend, John Labatt. Hopefully, I’ll have some dead drunk slugs in the AM.  The pea pods, however, have not been molested by any pests; they are ready to eat, and are delicious! None of them have even made it indoors for eating.

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2 Comments on “Pool Party in the Garden”

  1. Susan Says:

    I’ve heard another way to deter slugs is to surround tasty plants with sharp things like crushed eggshells or sharp gravel or even bits of broken glass. I’ve never tried it myself, mind, but I imagine the results are rather graphic, but effective…

    • bpatricksullivan Says:

      Wow, those sound like gruesome fortifications against slugs, especially the broken glass. We may have to try that. It just started raining here and diluting my Labatt pool.

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