30th Birthday

I turned 30 yesterday, and it was a pretty excellent birthday, although it started out a little rough. On the way to the ATM before breakfast, I bashed my head into a sign which was jutting out from a telephone pole. I hadn’t seen it because there was a lot of glare and I was shading my eyes from above. I still have a big bump on my head from it. So as I sit here blogging, I have a bag of frozen peas on my head. After this head bashing though, the day was very nice.

Beth and I went to the crêperie for breakfast.  We’re lucky, I think, to live one block away from a crêperie. We split a savory and a sweet crêpe.The savory one had eggplant, tomato, pesto, and mozzarella inside—delicious. The sweet one was chestnut cream, which I often order, because in addition to enjoying it, I never see chestnut flavored anything anywhere else.

After breakfast we stopped by our local yarn store, and although I wasn’t looking to buy anything, there were nine skeins of a yarn I liked in the ” 50% off if you take it all” bin. Given the combination of birthday and 50% off I decided to get it.

It’s Harrisville Orchid (70% wool/25%mohair/5%cashmere), which is the same yarn I’m using for my currently stalled sage Aran sweater. The color is called “golden curry.” I’m knitting these babies into a Mister Rogers style cardigan. No cables, and I’m following a pattern. So I’m hoping it will go quickly. I’m already 5 inches into the back.

Speaking of Aran though, we’re going to Ireland this week!  This will be in part to celebrate our turning 30 (Beth and I are only 8 days apart), and in part it will be the honeymoon we didn’t have time to take three years ago. We’re doing the whole thing by bicycle, except for a trip to the Aran Islands, which will require a ferry.

After the yarn store, I played the banjo for a little while, Then we went to a small agricultural fair in Barrington,where we rode in a mule cart

saw a black smith at work:

side note: I learned that there’s a place around here where you can do a Bed and Breakfast / Learn to Blacksmith weekend workshop, just like the spinning workshop we did last year. I do have a chest that needs some hinges. Tempting…

Finally, we saw some mop-topped, 1 year old alpacas:

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2 Comments on “30th Birthday”

  1. Joel Says:

    Happy Birthday Brian, Sorry a little late, but you know how the road goes.

    Good that you guys have a crêperie nearby, hopefully they have a good pâtissier as well…

    • bpatricksullivan Says:

      Thanks, Joel! I hope the travel to Quebec has been smooth. It was great to see you all last week. Sadly I generally have to serve as my own pâtissier…
      We were talking about fat tail and kurtosis risk in the office yesterday re: plasmoid distributions.

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