Cardigan Finished

A Happy New Year to All! Over the holidays, I finished the Rogers-esque cardigan. All that remains is to get the buttons and sew them on.


Pattern: Rogers-esque Cardigan Jacket by Mary Townsend; Yarn: about 6.5 skeins of Harrisville Orchid with Cashmere (70% wool, 25% mohair, 5% cashmere; 100 grams/240 yards per skein); Color: Golden Curry; Needles: US #5 for body, US #3 for ribbing.

I made the 36″ chest size, which amounts to a little more than 1″ of negative chest ease for me. (I learned some fashiony terms in making this project; “ease” is the difference between the circumference of the sweater and the circumference of the body, measured at the same point, in this case the chest. If the difference is negative, it’s called negative ease, and means the sweater will have to stretch a little to fit the wearer).

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way the cardigan turned out, but I wish the sleeves were a little less bunchy. I think they look a little too baggy to go along with the “vintage” fit that I wanted for this sweater. The problem seems to be more that they are too long than that they are too baggy. Shorter sleeves would bunch less. If I’m feeling brave I might rip out the cuffs and re-knit  the ends of the sleeves about an inch shorter. Have any of you ever done this?

Here are the parts after steam blocking, but before assembly. Blocking rocks. I just blasted lots of steam into the parts with an iron then let them dry on the rug. The stitches magically  evened themselves out. I might block again after putting the buttons on. I’ll have to see how the cardigan fits when buttoned before I decide about that.

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8 Comments on “Cardigan Finished”

  1. sarahjones Says:

    whoa, perfect fit that’s awesome! I like this color better than the buttery yellow. You’re making me think it might be worth checking my gauge so that my projects actually fit–it’s so boring though! 😦

    • bpatricksullivan Says:

      Thanks, Sarah! I’m really happy with the fit. You should definitely swatch (especially for sweaters), AND block your swatch. Some fibers change a lot after blocking. 20 minutes of boring swatching beats 50 hours knitting an ill-fitting or non-fitting sweater.

      Taking the photos outdoors made it much easier to get yarn color fidelity. Even with manual white balancing on a card, I have a hard time ever getting yarn color to look right in my dim apartment.

  2. Susan Says:

    This looks great!
    Re-doing the cuffs shouldn’t be hard. I’m sure you could find better instructions online somewhere, but in short, this is what you do: run a line of waste yarn a couple of rows above where you want to cut it, then cut the cuffs off (unraveling upside down is totally impossible), pick up the live stitches, and knit down. Easy!

    • bpatricksullivan Says:

      Thanks, Susan!
      I’d wondered if I could cut out an inch of sleeve and graft the cuffs back on, but I’m sure just re-knitting the ribs on will be less frustrating and more secure.

  3. Bettina Rickenbach Says:

    Nice cardigan! I think the sleeves look perfect!

  4. Hi. I just started this sweater and I was wondering if you found any mistakes in the pattern. Specifically, in the back where it says “Then decrease 1 stitch at the beginning of every other row”. That seems as if the decreases would only be on one edge. Am I crazy? It seems like the decreases should be either at the beginning and end of every other row (only right side) or at the beginning of every row (right side and wwrong side). Any help you can gve would be most appreciated.

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