Don’t Cry Over…

Guess what I just did. Here’s a hint:


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4 Comments on “Don’t Cry Over…”

  1. kingshearte Says:

    You’ll be sharing the actual answer based on your scientific research on the subject, I hope?

    • bpatricksullivan Says:

      I will indeed. I’ll post the answer at day’s end. I don’t advise that anyone else try repeating this experiment.

  2. bpatricksullivan Says:

    The answer, after an ensemble of one trial is three bounces, then crack and splash. All of this, of course, proceeded in slow motion from my point of view, with me shouting, “No, no, no, no no! No, no, no! Why!?”

    Other information gleaned from my first poll here on the blog: 33 people viewed this post, but only 11 took the poll! 14 of this post’s viewers were referred from Facebook, 3 from Ravelry, and 2 from MadtownMammaKnits.

  3. Thomas Murphy Says:

    With six stairs, I got a bounce, followed by a thumping slide that ended with a cracked jug on the floor below.

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