We’re having a Klingon.

I first became aware of online “What will our baby look like?” services when I was in college, about a decade ago. I played with them once or twice, usually using a something like picture of myself and a tiger, or two unlikely celebrities, e.g., Kelsey Grammar, and Dennis Rodman. Most of those turn-of-the-century online services were really pretty crude. If I took two face photos, and layered them in Photoshop or Gimp with 50% opacity in the top layer, I’d get pretty similar results to what most baby-morphers were offering circa 2001. Well, they’ve made some improvements. There are fewer distracting artifacts, like extra ghost ears, blurry eye borders, or baby goatees.

I was, however, quite surprised at how badly a modern baby-morphing service performed this evening when I used two iSight photos of Beth and myself to generate a composite baby image. It turns out we’re having a Klingon:

I’m guessing the auto-skin-tone-detect feature was confused because Beth was back lit in the photo above. I can’t explain how makemebabies.com decided to include a saggital crest on our digital baby’s skull, nor why the baby has sharpened teeth…

With a little finagling the baby image maker managed to yield some more reasonable results as well. Here’s an animated tour of the reasonable and unreasonable Sullivan baby faces:

ETA: As per Beth’s recommendation below, I wanted to let everyone know that other than the Klingon baby, all the non-Caucasian looking babies were the result of my checking the “very dark” or “Asian” box on the final page of the baby generator. The Klingon, however, resulted from the “auto-detect skin tone” option. Also, my recommended mental soundtrack for the baby morph video collage is the theme song from Growing Pains.

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5 Comments on “We’re having a Klingon.”

  1. Beth Says:

    You should really tell people that other than klingon baby, the non white babies are there because you selected “very dark” or “asian” for skin tone.

  2. Allison Says:

    I like the pirate! you should totally have a pirate baby.

  3. Beth Dimond Says:

    I totally agree..the pirate baby would be best. You could name him Arrrrrrrrrrrville. Or Arrrrrrrrrrrrielle…if she’s a girl pirate. 🙂

  4. kingshearte Says:

    Some of those looked pretty human, but my goodness, I certainly hope your baby doesn’t turn out like that first one. In addition to the interesting features you noticed, its ears are also freakishly low.

  5. Not all these “make a baby” utilities offer the same results though lol. Yes the auto detect options are always a bit dodge imo 🙂

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