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August 22, 2011

The View from my Window

August 10, 2011

We had zero yard in Dover. So, it was difficult to attract many birds near enough for observation. I did put up one of those suction-cup-mounted window feeders.  A purple finch stopped by for a snack pretty rapidly. However, our cats took to jumping at the window whenever he landed. So Mr. purple finch never stayed at the feeder for long. A wind storm knocked that feeder down, and an eccentric (most people would say crazy) man who kept the streets clean took it away before I could get it the next morning. It was nice of the eccentric man to clean our streets, anyway.

I was pretty excited to have a yard so the cats and I could watch birds from far enough away to not scare them off. I figured it would take a couple days for some avian visitors to find my new feeder.  So, I was pleasantly surprised when half a dozen goldfinches swooped in not ten minutes after I’d hung the feeder.

I like how one is hanging out sideways here:

This female landing on the cord is pretty cool too:

Narration by Beth (she didn’t know I was recording a movie ^_^).

Caught Red Handed

August 9, 2011

It’s been a pretty busy summer, so I’ll need to do a few posts to cover recent happenings. But, lest that warning get your hopes up regarding the imminent baby arrival, I should state he is still cozy in the womb:

Hopefully, he’ll be arriving any day now…hopefully before school starts (hint hint, baby).

The day after my last post (about the cracked bed rail) we went berry picking—and how. We picked 30 lbs. of strawberries one town south of here at Gaughn’s Berry Farm. About half of that went into my first ever vat of strawberry wine (which will take about as long to form as baby is taking).  Another third of the berries went into jam, leaving the last sixth for eating. I’m convinced that the norther the strawberry is, the better. The best strawberries I’ve ever had were from Québec—the little kind, but these Aroostook County strawberries, also on the smaller side, are pretty darn good. Gaughn’s berry farm also makes excellent ice cream. I had a cone of mojito, and Beth had a cone of lemon basil. The basil element sounded a little strange to me, but like my lime-mint mojito, her ice cream flavor was also citrus and herbs. Both were delicious.

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