Scenes from the Rest Stop

Beth, Owen, and I are on a road trip to visit some friends and family. Many rest stops in Maine are nicer than some camp grounds I’ve slept at. Most of them feature a variety of signs suggesting stretches to do while you’re out of the car. Is there anything like this in your neck of the woods?

Some of the “stretches” can even be done while you are actively driving, as this next sign illustrates. I think that the singular buttock is a much funnier word than its more commonly heard plural form. I do this one whenever I have to get toll money out of my wallet.

The next sign suggested having a “healthy” snack. I had to wonder why the quotation marks were necessary. Are they implying that the pictured apple is not truly healthy, or that if you have a snack, you should at least call it healthy to make yourself feel better about your between-meals-pick-me-up.

I further investigated the “healthy” snacks inside the rest area building. The green dot on this note reminded me of the one I’d seen subconsciously on the sign outside.

I looked over the contents of the vending machine and noticed that not a single snack item featured the green dot of health.

The machine next to this one offered nothing but wall to wall Red Bull. Fortunately we brought some green dot type snacks with us.

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2 Comments on “Scenes from the Rest Stop”

  1. kingshearte Says:

    I think they included quotation marks because there’s a subset of people who appear to believe that they are used to indicate emphasis. I don’t know how or why that happened, but there are examples of it all over the place.

  2. ProfessorM Says:

    I think that the quotations marks were there to prepare you for the disappointment you felt upon discovering not a single green-circle-snack inside. You would think ” ‘healthy,’ huh – I wonder what they mean by that.” And then you would discover what they meant was “rumored to exist but likely extinct in the North American continent.”

    The fact that the picture of Owen crawling around followed that made me think, “Good thing there was space for Owen to graze.”

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