Owen uses Chopsticks!

Last week I made some ramen, and Owen was very excited about seeing chopsticks applied to noodles. He had to try it out himself. First he took a chopstick and used it to stir his water. Then he dipped it in my noodle broth, which he gave an approving, “mmmm.”
I got him his own pair of sticks from the drawer and rubber banded a wine cork between them to help him out. Here are his first attempts:

I think he did pretty well. I don’t think I tried using chopsticks until I was at least eight years old. I wonder if the average age of utensil mastery varies much between cultures that use different utensils to eat.

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One Comment on “Owen uses Chopsticks!”

  1. kingshearte Says:

    I don’t remember when I first tried, but I tried and failed many many times over the course of my youth. It wasn’t until my now-husband took me out for Pho the first time when I was in my 20s that I refused to be the white chick who needs to ask for a fork and managed to figure it out.

    With a start this early, I’m sure your little guy will do better than I did. :s

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