Jeanbag Juggling Balls


Like a Phoenix, old jeans have become new juggling beanbags: now with real beans! I’ve been wanting to make these  for a while. I haven’t been able to find my nice juggling bean bags for a couple weeks, which means I’ve mostly been juggling clubs, and not doing much practice much at home. There’s no good place for indoor club juggling in our house.  So I finally decided it was time to repurpose the holey jeans.

This is the pattern I used: I like that they’re formed all out of one piece, and they’re impressively round given the one-piece design. They were quite easy to sew even though I’ve not done any sewing in years. It probably took me about forty minutes total to layout, cut, sew, and fill the balls. the shape and size are good. I used yellow-eye beans as the filling. Each ball is 2 and 3/8 oz in weight, which I now think is a little light. The best beanbags I use (which Beth found for me right after I finished sewing these) weigh 3 and 7/8 oz. They are spherical, four panel Men’s-Health-Day balls, with an embarrassing message about monthly self-exams for anyone who borrows them. The message would be fine on a sign, but when an unsuspecting would be juggler reads it while holding a few semi-squishy balls, it can be a little off-putting.

These new jeanbags, however, are handier for sticking in a coat pocket or putting in a light bag to take on short walks or  trips around town. They’d be good for numbers, too, if I ever learn to juggle more than three. There’s also no embarrassing “ball message” on them. I think I’ll make five or six sets for use at juggling club. Does anyone have any tips for avoiding hand cramps when hand-sewing small objects?

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