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Simpsonize Me!

September 30, 2009

Last week I had some fun using  some online tools to generate various styles of avatar. If you’re reading a blog (which you are), you probably know what an avatar is. But in case you’re saying “ava-what?”, what I mean by avatar is a visual representation of one’s self for use in online forums. The term comes from the Sanskrit “avatar” (अवतार) which means “to step down”, and refers to the incarnation or corporeal form taken by a deity when appearing on earth.
My brother had posted  a 1960’s style cartoonish portrait of himself on facebook, which at first I assumed he’d created by hand from cut paper, since that is one of his primary art mediums of choice (my brother’s cut paper artwork really is cool; check it out). I was surprised to find that I could create my own papery 60’s self-portrait at

madmen_fullbodyThis generator tool really is fun to play with. It’s like a 2D Mr. Potato Head. Playing with this made me wonder what other kinds of avatar generators were out there and I found this one, which allows you to create a Simpson’s style picture of yourself.  Rather than choosing parts and features like the Mad Men tool, this one actually starts with a user-supplied picture and then allows some fine tuning. I was pretty impressed with how well it seemed to work:simpsonize_compare

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