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Bird Photos

April 22, 2010

This April 26th (Monday) will be the 225 anniversary of the birth of the French-American ornithologist/painter John James Audubon. Additionally, 2010 has been declared the International year of Biodiversity. In honor of these events (or just because I feel like it), I’ve created a separate blog where I am planning to catalog photos I’ve taken of all the bird species I have ever seen.

There was an NPR story about Audubon a couple years ago–he sounds like such an interesting person. The illegitimate son of a French sea captain, he was born in Haiti in 1785. He apparently made up his own name (Audubon), and passed himself off as being the Louisiana-born son of a French admiral, before going on to paint hundreds of birds, and getting into knife vs. canoe-paddle fights. Whereas he cooked and ate most of the bird species he cataloged, I have eaten very few (if any) of these birds that I’ll be posting (he didn’t have a camera; and birds won’t hold still to be painted). So there will be no recipe section on the bird blog.

Did you know bird species outnumber mammals by about two to one?! I’ve been mildly into birding for a couple years, and I believe I’ve seen a couple hundred species of birds in my life–but I was never really keeping track before. There are around 23 species already up on my site. Maybe I can break a hundred species in photographs in the next year. That’ll be a tentative goal. My hyperlinked life-list-in-progress can be found here.

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