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POTW #6: Check out the Proboscis on this guy

December 21, 2009

Hecale Longwing (Heliconius hecale)

I was in San Francisco this past week for the American Geophysical Union “fall” meeting to present some results and a proposal, and Beth and I took one afternoon to go to the California Academy of Sciences Museum. This place was amazing, and as icing on the cake, it happened to be “free day” because we went on the third Wednesday of the month. This butterfly was one of many amazing sights we saw in the museum. Hopefully I’ll have time to blog about more of the week in a few days. As I write, I am sitting and waiting for a delayed flight in the Akron/Canton airport in Ohio; I stopped by Ohio to visit my family for a few days. I love small airports with free wifi. Time to board…

Photo of the Week 3: Monarchs

October 18, 2009

2butterfliesClick photo to view a larger version. Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus). focal length: 41.6mm (249.6mm in 35mm equivalence), shutter: 1/1,250 sec, aperture: f/3.5, distance: 1.5 m, location: Hanover, NH

Has anyone else noticed fewer monarchs flying around this fall than in previous years?

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