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Ireland Day 1.5, Ennis

October 12, 2010

Ennis (from Inis meaning “island”) is the “county town” of County Clare, with a population of around 25,000. The town started on an island in the river Fergus.Having checked into our B&B, we decided to quickly shower then check out the town. Taking jet lag into account, I think we made a wise choice in deciding to walk rather than jump right into biking on the left side of the road. We saw a funny Dr. Who themed mural (above), and the following pub sign:

On either side of Ciaran’s Bar, it says “ceol” and “craic.” (Sorry I cut off the end in the picture.) These mean “music” and “good times”, and are pronounced like “hyeeohl” and “crack.” The latter sounds especially funny to American ears since it is used as a loanword in Hiberno-English, e.g, “we had plenty of craic last night.” Ceol agus craic, meaning “music and good times” seems to be a common phrase in Irish.

Here’s a closeup of the sign, which features a hurling match between pint glasses, with Guinness winning and spilling the poor pint glass goalie:

We heard the first of many accordion playing buskers (although this guy was the only one playing a piano accordion, the others all played button accordions)And we saw a heron catch and eat an eel! This is on the bank of the Fergus.

Eel still wriggling around after being thwacked against the ground a few times by the heron.

Down it goes. Bye bye eel.

Despite being weighed down by his dinner, the heron easily flew away.

EXFOLIATE!! Dalek Washcloth

March 10, 2010

This one’s for Scott.

Apologies for the primitive photo. My sd card reader is broken; so I had to resort to using my built in iSight camera.

There’s knitting geekery, then there’s geekery that expresses itself through knitting. This object represents an instance of the latter. Daleks (in case you non-geeks don’t know what you’re looking at here) are perhaps the most famous evil alien race from the British SciFi TV series Dr. Who:

The pattern (which is not my design) is available here, and if you know how to knit, it can probably be completed in the space of two to three Dr. Who episodes. This was probably the only project that could persuade me into knitting anything with bobbles.

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