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Pool Party in the Garden

June 27, 2010

but only slugs are invited.

Beth and I were both gone for a week (she to counsel music theater camp in Maine, and I to go to a space physics meeting in Colorado), and unfortunately some nogoodnik slugs invited themselves to our garden. They have been eating our bean and tomato leaves. Fortunately, I have a solution in the form of my Canadian friend, John Labatt. Hopefully, I’ll have some dead drunk slugs in the AM.  The pea pods, however, have not been molested by any pests; they are ready to eat, and are delicious! None of them have even made it indoors for eating.

A Tour of Our Garden

June 19, 2010

We planted our first garden this year (well, first garden together). Our apartment in downtown Dover, NH is the most urban place I have ever lived. This is saying basically nothing since I grew up in suburban Ohio, and went to college in Amish country and to a grad school whose motto is “A voice crying out in the wilderness,” but still it’s urban for me.  I live about 100 yards from the railroad tracks (400 from the Amtrak station), and have deadbeat neighbors who yell at their kids and dogs and each other all the time. They might actually communicate with each other more than many suburban neighbors do, now that I think about it, but I digress.

Fortunately, we do have some space to grow stuff. It’s 3 feet by 12 feet at the end of our driveway, but it seems to be quite fertile.

We are growing snap peas, purple, green, and yellow string beans, french breakfast radishes, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers (for salads and for pickling), Chinese eggplant, onions, tomatoes, and marigolds. The peas have just flowered:

According to the seed pouch, these peaks can grow without support, but they don’t look that way to me. So I  staked them today. Peas behave almost like animals, wrapping their tentacles around climbable objects in very little time.

I’m pretty amazed at how they do that. I’d like to know how it works. Coincidentally, there was just a story on NPR that mentioned how Gregor Mendel had sent his notes on pea genetics to Charles Darwin, but Darwin never read them. It’s sort of amazing that someone figured out evolution at the same time that someone started to figure out genetics, but the evolutionist knew nothing about the genetics.

The tomatoes have also recently bloomed:

The tops of the delicious French breakfast radishes are starting to emerge:

I like these radishes sliced thin and mixed together with some cream cheese, quark, or butter and spread on a thick slice of brown bread. I also took some eye-candy of the lettuce. I don’t know what kind of lettuce this is. It came up on it’s own from lettuce that went to seed in our neighbor’s garden last year.

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