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Handspun Hat

May 27, 2010

I’ve finished my first hand-spun project–a ribbed tuque. Here’s a visual tour of the evolution from wool to hat:

Here’s what the wool looked like to start with:

This is about 1oz of scoured, uncarded light grey New Zealand Romney, which we got from the R. H. Lindsay Company in Boston ($7/pound). We got a few pounds.

Here it is after hand carding, spinning and plying on the wheel:

Here’s a close-up detail:

You can see that the weight varies from around DK to somewhat more than worsted, but that seemed to make surprisingly little difference in the finished hat:

It has a “hand-spun” type of lumpiness about it, that I actually like,  although I tend not to like that kind of stuff when it’s emulated in machine spun yarn. The hat contains 1.875 oz of wool–about twice the amount of wool shown in the top picture. Total cost of material in the hat is about 82¢! This is of course neglecting the shipping costs and my valuable hours of labor. Overall, a pretty affordable hobby, though.

The tuque wearing Sullivans!

Cabled Purple Wristers

January 18, 2010

Beth made herself a pair of these fingerless gloves with a matching hat last November, but sadly she lost them a few weeks later. So as a present, I secretly made her a new pair on my commuter bus and during lunch breaks the week before Christmas. She and I were doing a ton of gift knitting together in the evenings, so the commute and lunch were the only times I could get them done in secret. Thank goodness for the bus; knitting and driving do not mix. The design is a modified version of Margot Erdmann’s Wicked Easy Wristas. (Margot and her husband Rick own our LYS, Spinning Yarns, which we can almost see from our house!).


Rather than a rolled edge at the knuckle, these have a k2p2 rib.

We added a 3×3 twisted cable on the back of the hand. So the center of the back of the hand has a p1,k1,p2,cable6, p2,k1,p1 in it:

cable detail

Also to make the palm a bit more interesting, a little thicker, and to give it a bit of grippiness, Beth did the palm using a pattern from a Japanese stitch dictionary that I found at a blog called Little Purl of the Orient (nice blog, nice stitch pattern).

Palm Detail

The yarn is Berrocco Ultra Alpaca (50% alpaca, 50% peruvian wool) in the “Lobster Mix” colorway (6297). These were knit on double pointed US 5’s (3.75 mm). The wristers took almost exactly half of the 100 gram skein (I love the digital kitchen scale), leaving just enough for the matching hat:

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