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Sage Aran Pullover

April 3, 2010

For my third pullover project, I thought I’d design my own Aran. I started out by measuring an Aran whose fit I liked. To get the same width using my selected yarn and needles, I swatched three cables, then  figured out some connective material to put in between the cables themselves. The whole process was surprisingly easy.

I’m knitting this in Harrisville Designs Orchid with Cashmere (70% wool, 25% mohair, 5% cashmere) in the Sage colorway. This is a single ply yarn, spun by a family owned and operated business in Harrisville, NH. I like it a lot. According to the Harrisville Designs website, “Woolen yarn has been spun in the water powered, brick mill town of Harrisville since 1794.” The historically preserved town also has water powered sawmills and gristmills. I might have to take a field trip to this place in the summer…

The cables I chose are A.) a figure eight knot cable, B.) A four strand braid, and C.) a fairly wide celtic knot pattern containing some closed loops. I got these cable patterns from TheGirlFromAuntie (which currently seems to have some dead links, but it sounds like they should be fixed soon). This is my first time knitting cables with closed loops in them. Alice Starmore describes the technique in her currently out of print book, Aran Knitting. Across the sweater I have:

*3 st. in seed stich, k1, p1, cable A, p1, k1, p1, cable B, p1, k1, p1, cable A,  p1, a 2 stitch twist, p2, *, cable C then repeat * to * but in reverse order.

I began the bottom of the back with some twisted k2 p2 ribbing, and finished my first pattern repeat in just a few days last March. I see that I wrote on my ravelry page for this project that thought I’d be finished with the back in just six or seven weeks.

If I’d kept working on it, I would probably have been done with the whole sweater several months ago, but sadly I am instead only this far along:

Hopefully, I’ll resume serious work on it now and finish it up quickly in time for next winter. Wish me luck.

My First Sweater Knitting Project

October 9, 2009

Beth models her Aran pullover

This was my first sweater, actually my first knitting “project” of any kind. (I’d knit swatches before with no end goal in mind other than seeing how knitting was done.) It only took about two years to finish… (more…)

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