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Rugelach רוגעלך

March 27, 2010

black cherry walnut rugelach

The name of these cookies basically means “little twists” in Yiddish. I cannot express how delicious I think they are. I try to only bake them when I can share them with many other people because otherwise I will eat ALL OF THEM. They are very easy to make. The best recipes I’ve found are by Eileen Goltz and can be found on the Orthodox Union website, here. Try them! The cream cheese dough puffs perfectly, always has the perfect flakiness, and is just too delicious.

My favorite fillings are apricot-walnut, cherry-walnut, and black currant. I use the recipe for the apricot ones, and just substitute different kinds of jam—normally Polaner All Fruit, which I like because it’s sweetened with only fruit juice, no evil HFCS. I’ve tried using lekvar (prune butter) as a filling; I like it in hamentaschen, but not as much in these. I’d really like to try making them with nutella filling one of these days. I’ll post those if they turn out well.

The recipes explain the whole method, but I’d emphasize that you want the layer of jam or preserves to be really thin—as thin as you can make it. Otherwise it will ooze out all over your baking sheet and burn, which is a horrible mess to clean up. Baking them on a silicon mat also helps protect against any little bit of oozed jam getting stuck to the baking sheet:

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