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The Flying Bat: Soothing and Calming?

October 8, 2009

For my birthday, Beth’s parents gave me (among other things) this flying bat toy:ToyBat
At this angle it might be a little challenging to read, but if you look closely at the orange top surface of the box, you will see that it says, “Calming and soothing movement.” What?!
This toy’s eyes shine bright red in the darkness. It flaps its wings and zooms around the room in a somewhat more predictable way than a real bat would, and it makes a motorized, mechanical grinding kind of sound all the while.  What about this is calming or soothing?
The other night when I was brushing my teeth, I went back into the darkened living room to grab something, and I ran right into the big, black flying bat, which had been motionless until I ran into it. Let me tell you, it was not soothing. It even puts the cat on edge, which honestly is why this toy is entertaining and great. Notice our long haired cat, Natasha, cowering under the coffee table while Rhianna twirls under the bat:

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